Kindergartens Belgrade

Address: 10 Kopernikova st., Palilula // 1 Mirocka st., Vracar // 1 Prilepska st., Dedinje
Belgrade Phone: 011/276-2726, 064/1101-524 // 011/3229-366 // 011/4059-103

4.5/ 5stars

A world with many colors - children's world of growing up. Which one will be dominant depends on the adults. Pre-schools / nursery HAPPY KIDS are located in the very center of Belgrade, in the heart of our capital city. Nursery / crib HAPPY KIDS 1 is located in one of the quietest streets of the central part Palilule, Metropolitan Peter at No. 7 with scented greenery setting, across from the park that surrounds the Pioneer Hall. The kindergarten is located in a new and luxurious space of about 150m2. Attractive, bright, carefully designed interior is stimulating to children's minds, corresponding measures, needs and tastes of modern children. This property has a fenced yard. Nursery / crib HAPPY KIDS 2 is located near Tasmajdan Park, an oasis of tranquility and fresh air, and in the very center of the city, in Miročka No. 1 Its interior, position and size of approximately 250m2 HAPPY KIDS 2, in keeping with the best private kindergarten European capitals. HAPPY KIDS facilities are air-conditioned and provided with alarm and videophone. Each room has its own camera, and parents can monitor their children on the Internet, throughout the day. Auto kindergarten HAPPY KIDS transporting children from kindergarten-house-house. Working time kindergarten: weekdays from 7-18:30 pm on Saturdays from 7-15 Possible prolonged stay of children (after 18:30 pm). Both nurseries are equipped with the latest educational and didactic. Educators working with children and pediatric nurses, under the expert guidance of children's educator, child psychologist and a special educator. Children were divided into several its age-education groups: 12 months - 18 months - 18 months ladybirds - 3 years - LEPTIRIĆI 3-5 years - PČELICE 5-6 years - 6-7 years BEAR - Preschoolers optimism, enthusiasm and positive energy are our main motto. Our professional goal is to be the best, our plans for the future are to continue with the development and monitoring of international trends in the job we do. HAPPY NEW KIDS IN! DURING THE RECEPTION OF NEW MEMBERS TO ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES: MUSIC Taekwondo Hopscotch Hopscotch nursery in classical ballet Hopscotch Hopscotch DANCE FESTIVAL CHOIR Contact us, visit us, see our DVD presentation and make sure that we're different from the rest! WELCOME TO HAPPY KIDS!