Kindergartens Belgrade

Address: 123 Beogradskog bataljona st, Filmski grad
Belgrade Phone: 011/3572-221, 062/806-22-92

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123 Beogradskog bataljona street, main offices 
Diplomatsko settlement - Kosutnjak
011/3572-221, 062/806-22-80        

24 Luke Vojvodica street, Filmski grad
- nursery-v
011/407-6964, 062/806-2281 

4 Dobrivoja Jovanovica street, Velika Mostanica
062/8076-340, 062/806-2290


In the heart of our park and city picnic area Kosutnjak on 250m above the sea level are in the exclusive zone of Diplomatsko settlement across the street from open pools and in the zone of RZ athletic courts in the zone of RZ sports court. The lux object consists of two connected wholes 550+350m large and 14 ha of safe and cultivated yard for play and activity of kids.

located in the edge of the “lungs of the city” in Kosutnjak at 24 Luke Vojvodica street in Skojevsko naselje, Lux private home, high ground floor on one level 180m2 the interior equipped with the highest standards, covered terrace and porch. The sight and space that can only be desired for the first, healthy and safe step.

Pametnica „Petlic“
is a resort object. It is located around 20km away from Belgrade in the edge of Lipovacka forest and the banks of Gorica forest in Velika Mostanica village.
The luxurious home of 250m2 with 10 ha of safely fenced yard. In addition to this the object has 10ha of recreational and sports area with sand pits, mini-football and volleyball court, movable botanic garden.
All our objects have video surveillance as well as 24-hour protection from a certified agency.

7 reasons to choose Pametnica

- convenient and exclusive locations of objects as well as high standards of the objects/spaces and the working hours which are 7AM -6PM
- growing up of your little ones in beautiful ambiance in the company of their peers under the watchful eye of caretakers and a full team of experts.
- creative-development programs which satisfy children’s need for learning, movement, play and friendship because playing is the easiest way for a child to learn.
- constrictive nature stay with the slogan “air, butterfly and flower to take over the world”
- high quality, expert and successful team which brings together expertise, experience, HACCP standards, preventive health supervision)
- high quality, professional and successful team brings together expertise, experience and youth
- we fully accommodate all the children’s needs (give them proper and high quality nutrition with all the HACCP standards and preventive health supervision.

Now you can safely and free of any guilt or worry take care of your work and life obligations while your child is having fun in our pleasant surroundings.

These are reasons enough to trust us to take care of your little ones and ease them into the world of growing up and children’s joy because behind us we have tradition, quality and trust.