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Welcome to the preschool institution “Pacija skola” (Duck school)

“There is nothing that brings greater joy than a happy and smiling child”


The vision of our preschool is that the children feel happy, safe and protected in an environment that respects their individuality and encourages them to develop their individual abilities and potential.

Preschool “Pacija skola” has been certified by the Ministry of education, science and technological development. It is located in a peaceful part of Borca near the Zrenjanin road. The natural resources near the preschool include the river Danube, the Ovca spa and vast green areas where the children can get in touch with nature and enjoy discovery, learning and creativity. By being open towards the natural resources in our environment we create the ideal conditions for expanding our program and enriching the children’s lives and experiences.

Our institution has become an oasis of tradition, art, ecology and sports in accordance with the pedagogical standards and criteria for the purpose of creating various activities that will enrich the children’s early lives. In addition to all of the above, our kindergarten also has a beautifully arranged yard with outdoor playhouse and toys for activities in fresh air.

We put your child’s wellbeing, interests and needs first. Guided by this principle our plan and program is coordinated with the needs and abilities of the children aged between 1 year old to school starting age through:
- Health and prevention in caring for nursery aged children
- Education and learning with kindergarten aged children
- School preparation program for preschool aged children which prepares them for starting school

We aim to create an encouraging environment which positively impacts the development of your child’s linguistic, motor, social and emotional, perception, musical and creative skills.

In addition to regular activities we also organize various bonus programs that follow your children’s interests and needs such as: the English language, little school of sports, little school of dance and folklore as well as ecology and creative workshops.

As per our institution’s goals, our professional team nurtures tolerance and open-mindedness towards differences and creates a family atmosphere through a professional approach. Our team consists of highly educated experts in various areas such as: medical nurses-caretakers, professional teachers, pedagogues, speech-therapists, psychologists, pediatricians, P.E. advisor, foreign language advisor and nutritionist-dietician. We ensure a healthy and carefree childhood for your child by following their growth and development.

Our kindergarten also has a modernly-equipped kitchen that follows the strictest HACCP standards where our highly qualified staff prepares fresh and delicious meals every day while cooperating with a nutritionist. We provide a plan and program for the children’s nutrition that satisfies all of their nutritional needs and secures a healthy diet.

As a kindergarten our main goal is to adjust to you and your child’s needs but at the same time remain loyal to our vision. Therefore we invite you to visit us and see the quality of our services.

Nama kao vrtiću, važno je prilagoditi se Vašim potrebama i potrebama Vašeg deteta ali u isto vreme i ostati dosledni u ostvarivanju naše vizije i misije. S toga Vas pozivamo da nas posetite i uverite se u kvalitet našeg rada.


Working hours:
Mon-Fri: 6:30AM – 6PM

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Address: 14 Mirgorodska (road to Ovca)

Contact phone numbers:
011/33 21 425
064/82 11 217
061/68 97 952


PAČIJA ŠKOLA Kindergartens Beograd
PAČIJA ŠKOLA Kindergartens Beograd
PAČIJA ŠKOLA Kindergartens Beograd
PAČIJA ŠKOLA Kindergartens Beograd
PAČIJA ŠKOLA Kindergartens Beograd
PAČIJA ŠKOLA Kindergartens Beograd
PAČIJA ŠKOLA Kindergartens Beograd
PAČIJA ŠKOLA Kindergartens Beograd
PAČIJA ŠKOLA Kindergartens Beograd