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- polyclinic: 1 Viktora Igoa st.
Bel Medic was founded as a doctors ordination in 1995. It grew into a polyclinic in 2001, and in 2005 became a General hospital. Since 2002 the hospital does business according to the international quality standard ISO 9001, and in 2003, the head of the Bel Medic got the prestigious award for the contribution to the integration of the European idea into our environment in the field of entrepreneurship.
Bel Medic hac 60 constantly employed doctors and medical staff and over 100 consultants, and the best experts in all kind off fields for children and adaults. The doctor service of Bel Medic will in shortest possible time answer to all your needs, in the ordination located in the Hotel itself, in your room or in the space of the Bel Medic General hospital.
Bel Medic has the most contemporary diagnostics - therapy equipment (ultrasound, x ray, laboratory, equipment for endoscopic diagnostics and laparascopic surgery and gynecology). Even serious diagnostics can be realized in the hotel room or outdoors, because Bel Medic has all mobile equipment (x ray, ultrasound, infusion equipment and inhalation etc). Within the Bel Medic General hospital, there is also a modern dental ordination, which is, as all others offices of this medical institution, open 24h a day, every day.


BEL MEDIC OPŠTA BOLNICA Laboratories Beograd
BEL MEDIC OPŠTA BOLNICA Laboratories Beograd
BEL MEDIC OPŠTA BOLNICA Laboratories Beograd