Laboratories Belgrade

Address: 18 Generala Stefanika st., lokal 2, Stepa Stepanovic estate, Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 011/630-67-13, 063/850-82-99

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Mak Lab biochemical laboratory is located in the Stepa Stepanovic settlement at 18 Generala Stefanika street across the street from the postal office.

Here you can obtain the most accurate hematology, biochemistry, immunology, hormone, tumour marker, food intolerance, spermogram and microbiology analysis.

Until the end of July we also have an ongoing 10% off promotion for all tests and in the same period we also give out a limited number of family cards with a permanent discount to all analysis.

Contact us:

On workdays: 7AM - 7PM
On Saturdays: 8AM - 3PM
On these numbers: 011/630-67-13 and 063/850-82-99,
Or on the e-mail:

You can also call our field service.