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The gardener offers a complete maintenance of green areas and care about them, all the companies that have the need for this as well as maintenance of greenery, plants and a fountain inside the building.

Landscaping includes various tasks such as:

- The care and maintenance of lawns
- Transforming the bush
- Pruning
- Feeding and fertilizing soil
- And everything else that makes your garden to look its best

Our gardeners will be glad to help you and turn your garden into your advantage, keeping it in good condition. We can talk about the various options available to you, and you can take advantage of our free service for assessment - ask us for evaluation of maintenance of greenery and you can have a garden transformed for a few days.

Your gardener is there for you in various stages of the year:


- mowing
- nurturing
- Cleaning of weeds
- Ventilation
- Verticulation
- Sowing and renewal
- Painting fence
- Washing trails and solid surfaces
- Arranging pergola, swing, flower pots ..


- Planting
- Seeding


- Conservation of the lawn for winter
- Fixing plants
- Remove the leaves from the gutter
- Planting and sowing of summer flowering plants and bulbs
- Removing weeds
- Planting and trimming hedges
- Planting spring flowering
- Fine-tuning and trimming flowers
- Planting and pruning hedges
- Watering evergreen plants
- Control your code deciduous trees in pots before entering
- Treatment of land and other fruit-terrain winter preparation - spraying and fertilizing
- Autumn treatment of pot plants


- Winter Protection for the lawn
- Nutrition and treatments for plants
- Winter protection of flowering plants and bulbs
- Thermal packing and pruning plants
- Protection of hedges and cleaning of snow
- Maintenance of evergreen plants
- Protection of soil and other fruit field
- Winter Treatment of pot plants
- Removing snow from the streets, sidewalks, parking lots ...
- Removing snow from plants, trees ...
- Remove from freezer gutters, roofs ...
- New Year's decoration of your home

Maintenance of city parks, lawns and avenues involves cleaning, mowing the grass and rubbish with green areas, trampled grassland restoration, maintenance and pruning trees, shrubs and hedges, maintenance and care of seasonal and perennial flower garden, maintenance and sipinjenih paved surfaces in parks and the setup and maintenance of street furniture in parks and playgrounds.

Its resources and skilled labor is performed: all maintenance of green areas, your gardens, parks, factory grounds, or at the request of the annual and multi-year contracts, and at very reasonable prices.

We are equipped with all the necessary equipment for construction and maintenance work on green areas. We offer tree care and sanitary ie. felling and pruning trees.

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