Laundries Belgrade

Address: 29g Jurija Gagarina street // 221 Jurija Gagarina street // 7 Ghandi street // 30 Zarka Bokuma street
Belgrade Phone: 011/3180-296, 011/6278-642, 011/2289-081, 011/7870-232
E-mail: info@uzor.rs
Website: www.uzor.rs

4.5/ 5stars

You may find us in the following locations:

29g Jurija Gagarina street
New Belgrade block 70
Phone: 011/3180-296

221 Jurija Gagarina street
New Belgrade block 45
Phone: 011/3180-296

7 Ghandi street
New Belgrade Block 64
Phone: 011/228-90-81

30 Zarka Bokuma street
Phone: 011/78-70-232 


Uzor has existed ever since we opened the first service in 1984. Ten years later we expanded to three more locations and we are still growing, so expect us in new locations soon.

Aleksic Gordana, a textile engineer, and Aleksic Slavoljub, a connoisseur and expert in the area of electronics have founded the professional base for the entire UZOR. They are among the rare experts in this area of business.

Thanks to their knowledge in the area of dry cleaning, chemistry, materials and fabrics as well as modern electronics, they have formed a team of young professionals who work using the highest quality modern machines and computerized equipment with high quality, ecological products from globally renown laboratories.

We can proudly highlight the professionalism of our team, the efficiency of our equipment and products as well as their ecological safety, not to mention we use the highest quality modern tools available in the European market. A vital part of our system is also our constant self-advancement both in skill and in equipment thanks to the help of our guest experts and the knowledge gained in fairs both in Serbia and abroad.

Years of experience and continuous training of our instructors are the base of our quality of work and training.

Dry cleaning, cleaning services, ironing and special bio-processing.

- Classic wardrobe
- Brandname items in combined materials
- Leather, fur and silk articles
- Wedding dresses and formal dresses
- All articles of clothing made from acrylic materials
- Special silk program
- Feather jackets and ski suits program which preserves the fluffiness of the feathers and the puffy appearance.
- Microbiologically attested (meaning we eliminate all microorganisms and organic smells) dry cleaning of wool covers, blankets, medifit bedding, raw silk paths, Chinese and Indian paths and covers, wool and fur covers, screens and curtains and all kinds of upholstery.

Special programs for leather and fur articles with expert supervision:
- Suede leather
- Smooth leather
- Carved leather
- Waxed and polished leather
- All kinds of fur
- McLeud jackets and hats
- Restoring leather and furs, restoring softness and shine

Washing (bleaching and starching) and ironing are all done in separate machines, not mixing your items with other clients’ and strictly preserving hygiene standards. The equipment we use is highly professional and it gives us white, protected fabric that will never burn like it might when using regular chlorine whiteners. The machines are digitalized and have dozers which carefully manage the cleaning process from controlling the speed of the drum to the temperature.

We offer cleaning services for:
- Shirts, blouses, sweatshirts and sweatpants
- Uniforms (medical, laboratory, hair salon, baker, chef…) and all kinds of white coats or work suits
- Bedding, towels, blankets, curtains, screens, pillows, quilts
- Restaurant and hotel table cloths, covers and napkins.

Ironing-modeling for shops, tailor workshops and all involved in wardrobe businesses.
Ironing clothing you already washed at home – shirts, t-shirts, bedding, curtains…
Ironing curtains and screens – air-pressing thin and sensitive materials
Roller pressing – table cloths, bedding and screens.

Article packaging – each piece is delivered on a wire coat hanger and protected via plastic foil.