Laundries Belgrade

Address: 6 Sumadijski trg st., Banovo brdo
Belgrade Phone: 065/5435-766

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Services for washing, and ironing "Troika" at Šumadijski trg 6, Ban's Hill. With our work we started prenekoliko years and a relatively young company slowly and patiently, winning the confidence of his fellow citizens when it comes to the perfect service. The activity that we do involves washing, and ironing.
Laundry and ironing apply to all textile items that do not require dry cleaning, such as shirts or blankets. Our services are intended for both physical and legal entities.
With a little delay, in relation to the laundry, and began with ironing same. From the heated stones that were pressured washing and ironing his same to modern models of irons that we use today in his home.
All of this is done within 24 hours. You can select only one of the two services, laundry or ironing.
Also as part of the services we provide are cutting and sewing:
- Graduation dresses
- Evening dress
- Mini dress
- dress
- skirts
- bones
- coat
- Blazer
- jackets
- blouse

Whether you are alone come up with a model and want to be at the same, or are in fashion magazines or on the Internet saw an interesting combination, at the right place. Everything you imagined, we can also make according to your measurements.

In addition to cutting and sewing women's clothing, we are still adjusting and repairs your favorite wardrobe. If you want to narrow, broaden or narrow your garment, our tailor's shop "Troika" will be glad to meet.
Depending on the amount of work that we currently have, the ordered item of clothing you can get within 10 to 20 days. Also, if you urgently need tailoring and sewing work clothes, work and eksprs services.

Laundry and tailoring services Troika, Šumadijski market Banovo Brdo, Belgrade.