Magnetic resonance Belgrade

Address: 16 Cingrijina st., Zvezdara
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Prof.dr.sci.med Ninoslava Dragutinovic – otolaryngologist – audologist

From year 2005. the modernly equipped specialist ORL office has been offering medical services in this area to children and adults.

We diagnose and treat the conditions of:

-          The ear (deafness, tinnitus, dizziness, headache, inflammation of the outer and middle ear...)

-          Nose (nose inflammation, sinuses, tumours, allergy conditions)

- Audiometrics –
examining and monitoring hearing
- Turnpanometry – testing middle ear pressure and stapedius reflex
- Testing Eustachian tube – testing the tube’s function and detecting indications for tonsilectomy and adenotomy
- Vestibulometrics – testing balance centers
- Dizziness therapy
- Allergy testing

Specialized treatments for tinnitus (ear-ringing)

MTT tinnitus treatment is a combination of therapies adjusted to the audological parameters of each patient. It is issued individually for each patient by our team of experts: audologists, acoustics, psychologists and includes:

-          Tinnitus masking

-          White noise therapy

-          Frequency therapy

-          Sound therapy

-          Tinnitus prequalification therapy


Hearing aids
Latest in the hearing aids technology, various models and kinds, designs and colours, comfortable to wear, easy to use, miniature and invisible.

Every hearing aid is designed to be adjustable for the individual hearing needs of its wearer and also to be aesthetically pleasing.

Modern technological solutions, wireless communications with media devices, mobile phones, computer, TV, enabling you to follow lectures, presentations or conversations with many people via wireless device.


You can be diagnosed as needing a hearing aid and also receive expert advice to solve your dilemma at our office.

Our experienced team of electro-acoustic experts, prosthetic experts and audiologists will let you choose the right hearing aid for you, which you can test and have us monitor your adjustment to it with constant consulting.

Our team will help you with:
- Audologist advice regarding your hearing and tinnitus issues
- Free hearing checkup and testing hearing aids
- Servicing, batteries
- We come to your address

For your health needs our expert team can help you with advice through e-mailordinacijadragutinovic@gmail.com

Working hours:
Mon-Fri: 8AM – 7PM
Sat: 8PM – 3PM

Where are we?
You can find us near KBC Zvezdara, in Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard and near Cvetko market. Our optics office Extrime Plus is located at 16 Koce Kapetna street.

Our main activity:
Treating ear, throat and nose issues

Ear, nose and throat Belgrade

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