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Manicures, pedicurists Belgrade

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Tuesday 09:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 20:00
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Friday 09:00 - 20:00
Saturday 09:00 - 17:00
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Beauty salon "Helena" is located in 9 Gornjogradska street, Zemun, Belgrade. The space of our showroom care of your face and body, has been working for many years in one place, including a wide range of cosmetic services, intended highlight your beauty.
Bringing together the very pleasant surroundings of our salon, a top team of professional beauticians, we can provide you with a quality service that will emphasize your femininity and remove all imperfections that impair your aesthetic appearance.
Services provided to you "Helena" beauty salon offers are:
-Japanese drawing of eyebrows
- Waxing
- solarium
- Manicure
-gel easy
- Pedicure
- Facial
- Correction of eyebrows
- massage

Japanese method of drawing eyebrows
Permanently drawing eyebrows using the Japanese method is administer pigment blade which simulates the natural look of hair of different lengths and thicknesses. In this method does not use the reel, but the hairs enter the skin very shallow special knife.
  Due to the specific method used to doing, eyebrows, totally natural look because it does not fill the entire shape of eyebrows, but a special technique performance thin and curved hair in its natural direction of growth is of great help to those who are wrong eyebrow destroy their natural shape, density and size, as well as those due to illness or some other reason have lost eyebrows ..
The basic principle of this method of drawing eyebrows is that the continuous variant does not produce any effect makeup and evening makeup at least, just to eliminate defects and improve the natural look.
The hairs are drawn to the natural hair color, which is not different from the existing ones, so that the effect is really prirodan.Preporučujemo those who need a natural look in the first place.

Since the satisfaction of the individual's looks an imperative of the modern era, we strive to provide you with their work to absolutely fall in love with your figure and beautiful face.
With the waxing of your choice in our showroom, the desired parts of your body will be perfectly smooth, and manicure and pedicure treatments will make your hands and feet to leave a positive impression on the people you meet.
To even briefly escape from everyday problems, recommends you to enjoy the unique experience of relaxing massages in our salon. Thanks to the capacity of skin to be vital energy and establishes harmony with the spirit and body of the individual, massage is the most natural way to make your body ready for new challenges.
Be nice, cared for and happy with the shape of your face and body.
In the service of your beauty and uniqueness.
Beauty salon Helena, Zemun, Belgrade.


SALON LEPOTE HELENA Manicures, pedicurists Beograd
SALON LEPOTE HELENA Manicures, pedicurists Beograd
SALON LEPOTE HELENA Manicures, pedicurists Beograd