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Masage Belgrade

Useful information

Salon provides services for the soul which are relaxing, and have a healing and meditative effect. It teaches us how to gain self-confidence, security, and how to become happy.

Salt room provides a complete experience, total relaxation, and if you need to use in therapy, helps in the treatment of respiratory, allergy, psoriasis, skin diseases, ejects the excess water heals rheumatism, thyroid normalizes, strengthens the immune system, and more that. 40 minutes salt rooms, changing three days the sea.

Massage chairs provide greater satisfaction than manual massage, as it launches a full body massage. In 15 minutes you can get a full massage and something else this massage normalize metabolism, is recommended to all people. After a long period of sitting or any other physical activity, are ideal for relaxing.

Salon for the soul also offers creating all kinds of horoscope (natal, solar, lunar, comparative, karmic, transit etc.) and determination of the methods to gain confidence, to energize the body, how to choose a partner, how to find a job that paid great and that gives us complete satisfaction. The methods used are crystal, meditation, affirmation, etc.
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SALON ZA DUŠU Masage Beograd
SALON ZA DUŠU Masage Beograd
SALON ZA DUŠU Masage Beograd