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Practice of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Sports Medical Alliance Center for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of athletes SMA, in addition to traditional, conventional methods of application of physical agents, has apparatus and instruments, which are the fruits of many years of clinical trials both in vitro and in vivo, as have licensed clinics in the European Union and the United States.

For the purposes of treatment we've implemented the long clinical experience of eminent experts in this part of Europe, with particular reference to specific sports accidents, recovery time, which must be adapted to match the terms of the sports associations and athletes contractual clauses, is shortened as much as possible, with maximum recovery of post-traumatic changes and possible impairment of the injured body segment.

We have aparatus for treatment of sports injuries, damage, made by the German company Fysiomed, evident which, as an agent, emits a deep electrostatic fluctuations, pre-prescribed frequency bands, for each of the diseases and injuries. Its application was found useful when dealing with a wide range of trauma and cosmetic procedures and antiaglng medicine. Sports Medicine Actor-D acoustic wave therapy and Shock Wave Therapy

The secret of beauty Acoustic waves are sound waves which characterize the amplitude of high pressure in comparison with the pressure in the room. Sound waves are used in medicine, to generate artificial skin and migrate into the body without the risk of skin lesions. Sound waves are transmitted by acoustic-optic law. Any change in acoustic properties such as density or velocity, leads to increased resistance on the surface of the tissue (skin, fat or muscle cells) and energy is released. In this way, the biomechanical effects of products such as contraction limfangiona and improve permeability of cell membranes.
The main goal of therapy acoustic waves to encourage the creation of tension and connective tissue to reduce cellulite and improve skin appearance. Shock wave therapy for treatment of cellulitis The appearance of cellulite is associated with a reduced payload lymphatic vessels. Shock Wave treatment improves lymphatic flow, improves metabolism and stimulates the degradation of fat, which improves the firmness of the skin, restoring its natural elasticity and connective tissue.
Device to attack problem areas with compressed air, which causes a rapid pulse area, and the waves are sent simultaneously in the subcutaneous tissue where cellulite develops. Results in improved skin texture are visible and durable.
D-Actor therapy for the treatment of sports injuries This technology has been used for decades to break up kidney stones, as well as for pain relief prj sports injuries. The research results show shock wave therapy successful in treating muscular disorders such as pain mio fascial syndrome, painful triggers (points) and painful tissue disorders (metaplasia). D-Actor technology was developed specifically for the treatment of these large muscles and connective tissues. By D-Actor technology air generated acoustic pulses or shock waves penetrate the target area creating a vibration that is similar to an in-depth massage of tissue, thus reducing pain in that area. D-Actor technology successfully treated: cervical pain, dorsalgia, lumbar pain, Sacroiliitis, fibromyalgia, localize and inactivate painful triggers, improves the circulation through tissue and boosts the metabolism. - Rehabilitation of athletes - Laser therapy - Shockwave Therapy - Deep oscilation (HIVAMAT) - Antiaggening Medicine - Kinesitherapy - Cryosurgery - Hydro therapy - Hydro galvanic therapy - Isokinesis - electro- - Ultrasound diagnosis - Ortho antibiotics and prosthetics - Professional consultants for Surgery, Orthopedics in Traumatology - Sports Medicine Clinic of Belgrade - Rehabilitation of sports injuries



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