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Welcome Sun beauty salon is located at 31 Glavna street in Zemun, Belgrade. We began work many years ago and have since built a recognizable name for ourselves in the domain of our work.

To all the ladies we wanted to above all offer some care for their appearance at very comfortable ambiance of the beauty salon whose goal is to bring your beauty to perfection.

Our professional staff consists of hair stylists and cosmeticians with years of experience who offer a broad selection of excellent services.


At our salon we offer:
- Modern hairstyling
- Formal hairstyling
- Highlights
- Blow drying
- Ceratin
- Botox

Our professional hair stylist creates classic and modern hair styles using the best products for hair care. Seeing how the beautiful and nurtured hair is the prequisite for the perfect hairstyle we aim to give your appearance a whole new fashion detail in your interesting and original haristyle.

- Relax massages
- Anti-cellulite massage

To all those who would like full muscle relaxation, stress and exhaustion prevention as well as improving the general health of your organism we suggest our relax massage. It's a pleasant and gentle hand massage of the whole body or individual parts (legs, feet, back, arms, abdomen, chest, neck and face) which leads to full relaxation of every muscle in the organism.

Also very much requested is our anti-cellulite massage which represents the best way to remove cellulite. It is moderate, dosed and specially adjusted to a certain kind of movement and pressure. The best results are achieved through a series of treatments, correct nutrition and physical activity.


If you'd like to be tanned throughout the year, our Welcome Sun beauty salon offers you sun tanning services with the highest quality chocolate lamps. Ergoline solarium we use is the most acclaimed manufacturer of professional solariums in the world. In the solarim you can prepare for the most beautiful time of the year - vacation. During the strong sunshine you should protect your skin from redness and burns. This preparation is very important and several visits to a solarium creates an ideal base for carefree sun exposure.


The main features of this product are:
- Accelerated wound healing
- Eliminating scarring, stains and broken capillaries
- Reduces stretch marks and
- Regenerates bonding tissue
- Improves circulation
- Helps burning fat
- Corrects weak and damaged nails
- Slows hair loss and gives volume to thin hairs
- The skin gets toned
- For skin exposed to sunbathing.

Do you know what a kolarium is? No, it's not a solarium with harmful UV rays which accelerate the ageing of the skin. The lamps in the kolarium chamber emanate infrared light that improves collagen creation. It has a beneficial effect on the joints and lymphatic system, it removes excess water from the organism, cellulite and fat deposits. It regenerates tissues, reduces tension in the muscles, improves detox. If used regularly, it rejuvenates the face and the body.

Motivated by the desire to give you something new and different from others, we have enriched our palette with revolutionary products in the area of light therapy. If you'd like to restore your skin's youthful look, we recommend the treatment using the latest technology KOLARIUM certified by the EU as a fully natural anti-age product. By using KOLARIUM you achieve fast tightening and skin and body revitalization.

Contact info:
31 Glavna street
Mobile: 064/ 134 18 09




































WELCOME SUN Masage Beograd
WELCOME SUN Masage Beograd
WELCOME SUN Masage Beograd