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Useful information

The company STILEX Prijepolje was founded in 1991 and is one of the most successful companies in the Zlatibor District of producing traditional woolen blankets, pillows, blankets, quilts blankets, quilts, blankets and other garments made of wool. Constant improvement and modernization of the production process, STILEX is also developing manufacturing home textiles and processing of domestic types of wool. The basic idea of the company is to invest in the quality of all the products made from the finest wool fibers by opening a chain of retail stores, consumers in Serbia offer distinct and quality products. The wide range includes high quality products from the household textiles (mattresses, pillows, bed sheets, quilts, blankets ...), wool program (pillows, quilts, Naddušeci, Jambolija), hotel and medical program.


-Jogi mattresses


-Wool program


-Step Blankets and quilts


-supplies (Hospitality and healthcare)

-Other Commodity trading

-Protective And work clothing


Products which are manufactured in 11 different sizes and six quality categories, namely: Economic, Standard, Standard Plus, Lux Delux Summer + Winter, Anti Stress; Memory titanium.

Basically making almost all categories of the core wire and the variability of stresses in the coating (type and thickness of the coating) wire core, so for example, some have one side linings enriched wool swab (Summer + Winter) or a complete frame of the foam thickness of 10 cm (Anti Stress). Great diversity is reflected in the selection of designs and quality fabrics on the face of the mattress so that the Anti Stress uses the best anti-allergic fabric made in the form of a sleeve with a zipper so that, if necessary, can be removed and washed. Overall, our mattresses are designed to handle many years without deformation resist pressure and provide you a comfortable and light sleep


The product is made of 100% acrylic fiber with high quality fabric, beautiful colors and patterns. Dedicated is used to cover and covering furniture seating furniture.

Blanket WOOL:
The product is made in beautiful Scotland plaid patterns with fringe. To contain more than 60% of wool has very good heat properties in the cold days of winter.

Blanket COTTON:
Fine touch and known for its softness and tenderness.


Includes products in its composition containing predominantly wool, such as wool quilts, wool pillows, wool over-mattress, woolen jambolija.

Wool quilts, pillows and over-mattresses are made from the highest quality cotton canvas štepanog wool wad of homemade washed wool high resistance fibers, this product provides excellent thermal insulation, thermo-regulating properties as well as providing a very good air circulation in summer and allows your body the best treatment during sleep.

Woolen jambolija the traditional fashion product that onward areas have long been used for covering furniture equipment and in addition to the floor or even wall detail. It is made of extremely white washed wool and has a beautiful woolen tassels (called. Sliced flor).


Fleker (Rugs) as blankets for sitting furniture pieces made from 100% natural fibers, the unique blend of wool and cotton fibers. Specially effective boucle yarn gives these products a unique look and high-quality natural fibers provide prijtan feeling and atmosphere that does not fade even during prolonged use.

In addition flekera possess various kinds of cloth covers štepanih and neštepanih of various kinds of fabrics such as mikropliša, decorative fabrics, printed fabrics, satin and dr..Posedujemo blankets stitched for sitting areas as well as covers from the clips, with elastics ... that sitting sets give special freshness and long lasting protection against wear.

Down blankets, and quilts

Quilts are offered in two basic versions: with both sides Štěpána cloth, and terry on one side and on the other side of the canvas.

Charging is mostly synthetic wadding (koflin) and basic dimensions: 145x190, 160x190, 190x200

Quilts have the same type of technology as well as down blankets, just as in the quilt stitched fabric on both sides (one color or patterned) and such things as quilts using thicker filler. The duvet program, we offer three types of charges including: synthetic koflin, silicone, wool.


This is a product that we offer a large variety show material and design,.
Materials: Chiffon solid color print classic, printed GOLD, crepe monochrome, printed crepe, cotton, satin, flannel, damask.


One of the broader category of products that includes:

blanket HOTEL
100% acrylic blanket plush without any patterns.

cotton linen chiffon white high quality finishing of the fabric. 165x200, 200x200

attractive product that adorns the bathroom prestigious tourist facilities around the world, is made of double-sided terry white or some other color.

Table cloths
uniform production of high quality imported damask allow frequent use that leaves absolutely no traces on the fabric.

sets of towels, white terry 450 gr / m2
HOTEL engraved on it.

OTHER Merchandise

Of other goods are: dish towels, curtains, drapes, towels, STOLIČNICE, decorative pillows, tablecloths.

Protective and work clothing

Intended production safety and workwear to the needs and specifications of the customer.

The most common mode of production according to the desired pattern. We have the ability to offer a wide range of materials, such as cotton and synthetic fibers.


STILEX Mattresses Beograd
STILEX Mattresses Beograd
STILEX Mattresses Beograd

Methods of payment

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