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ADAM car service was founded 9th June 1981. We specialize for selling pneumatics, tire services, straightening wheels, centering trap.

Our vision was to become one of the few tire services in Zemun and Belgrade who provide professional services. Car service ADAM was one of the first services who sold pneumatics because before that only specialized shops had them. We also center car traps.

After 10 years of work our car and tire service ADAM opened at another location trying to increase our availability to our clients. The increase of capacity is so that our clients can save time. We also began expanding our offer of pneumatic brands which are today represented at our service. We grew into one of the leading shops of car tires in Belgrade, always keeping up with the leading world trends. We have all dimensions for different seasons and vehicle types. 

By carefully listening to the demands and needs of our clients in 2014. we started to also offer a "tire hotel" where you can leave pneumatics which we will save for you and the next season. 

We have arranged for waiting rooms where you can have some refreshments while you wait.

Pneumatics sale

Tire services

Trap centering

Correcting aluminum wheels

Tire hotel 


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