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Metal products Belgrade

Useful information

Metal Furniture Plus from Belgrade works in production and sales of metal equipment (metal shelves and metal lockers) intended for furnishing: warehouses, storages, stores, museums, libraries, archives and others. Our metal equipment comes from Italian, Slovenian and our own production. It is made out of the highest quality steel tin, laminated with a protective coating or plated according to the SENDZIMIR method. It is up to the HACCP standard and all the latest EU standards which allows us to have a presence both in our own and in the EU market. Our company has the following certificates: ISO 9001:2008 [2], ISO 14001:2004 [2], IOSAS 18001 [2].

The construction of our metal equipment is simple and it is easy to set up and nicely combines with other metal elements in our offer. Our large advantage is that we offer the highest quality products at exceptionally affordable prices, with short delivery times and first class servicing.

Our assortment includes: archive lockers, archive shelves, bookcases, warehouse shelves (LSL, SUPER 1/2/3 and console shelves), wardrobe lockers, cleaning supply lockers, weapon lockers, palette wardrobes (SUPERBUILD, SUPERBO 4/5/6),drive-in wardrobes, pass-through wardrobes, shop equipment, safety lockers and safes, wire fences (for metal shelves), museum equipment, urban furniture (benches, rubbish bins and more).

We also have products made to the customer’s measures, designed to suit their specific needs.

In our company there’s also a project bureau with a central magazine in Belgrade. The project bureau allows for swift, secure, functional and efficient furnishing of any kind of space. In addition to this, the project bureau offers full consulting services in archiving starting from offering idea projects and solutions to realizing them. This is possible thanks to our team of experts in the following areas: organization and work on archive and warehouse areas and businesses, machine engineering, archiving, IT and knowing the legal regulations in archiving. 


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