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Moving Belgrade

Useful information

Belgrade is the biggest city in Serbia and the city with the greatest annual population growth in south-east Europe. Therefore its residents and those that will become that have a growing need for moving and transportation services. Apartment moves are needed both by long-time Belgrade residents as well as people moving in from other places in Serbia, either for study or work.

In addition to the growing need for moving services in Belgrade many companies also need moving services for their businesses, offices, establishments, stands and the like.

Anyone who requires professional moving services, whether they are an individual or a company, can benefit from our company’s services thanks to our new vehicles, professional workers and decades of experience.

We strive to use our excellent services, kindness and affordable prices to win over our clients’ trust so that they call upon us without hesitation in the future, if they ever need moving services and also recommend us to others.

We have a completely new moving van that can easily access any narrow street in Belgrade as well as a bigger moving van for more challenging moves. Maybe you are wondering what does it matter if the vehicles are new, seeing how comfort doesn’t really matter when moving objects, as opposed to transporting passengers, however only the latest generation vehicles have sufficient shock-absorbing capabilities that will see your cargo safely over the bumpy streets of Belgrade. Of course everything we transport is further secured with proper fastening equipment.

Our professional workers have training and experience, having completed countless moves already. Together, we work as a well-practiced team, always in a cheerful atmosphere. You can also engage us only for transportation, without the workers.

In addition to moving services which are our specialty, you can also engage us for any other kind of transportation of goods from Belgrade to any part of Serbia. We transport pallet goods from warehouses or shipping storages, motorcycles, appliances, take away old things and filling other various specific demands in transportation that many other companies wouldn’t.

One of the things that sets us apart from our competition is setting up and dismantling furniture for which we are trained by the most famous manufacturers and very experienced. We use only the highest quality tools in setting up furniture, at the standards of the most famous furniture salons in Belgrade with whom we also cooperate moving and transporting their furniture, which speaks the most of our quality. Our training in setting up and dismantling furniture is also valued in various fairs when it’s needed to set up or remove stands. Also, in private moves for individuals setting up and dismantling furniture professionally can make it much easier to move and reduce the chances of damages.  

For more information, visit our website or one of our social network profiles and see how serious we are about our work. If you need any advice or a free assessment, feel free to call us.