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TV series guide for parents

B92 on Saturdays at 08.45 pm and on Sundays at 12:30 pm rerun, airs a new episode of the TV series, a guide for parents. For ten years. Never skipping a single Sunday. More than 500 episodes. It is a half-hour programs for parents (and counted as parents) and all those who in various ways are involved in education, training and child care. In this half-hour program fit 4 or 5 stories - pediatric / psychological / medical topics and tips, a new space for the education of children, especially new programs, all theater children's theater, events, phenomena, interesting life stories, new Publication of books for children and parenting, multimedia publications, programs for children with special needs ... If by now broadcast more than 500 programs, each of them at least 4 stories, math is simple ... How to personalities, environments, programs, stories ... TV series guide for parents, among other things, and testimony to the fantastic efforts of a number of people in Serbia to start, strengthen, develop and implement programs and issues related to parenting, children education. Since March 2005. We moved from the production of B92 in independent production, so that behind all the publishing and film production company guide for parents. Also in the morning program "Rising" on B92, every day around 7, 20 hours after the broadcast of an item in our emissions.

Publications Guide for Parents

Regular Classifieds / Bulletin published six times a year. It has already reached 160 dense pages. All possible care facilities, preschools, kinder foreign languages, art and sport courses, playgrounds, birthday celebrations, animators ... are there. The guide was printed edition of Belgrade. Has the seller and programs related to the whole of Serbia - publishers, trade ... The publication comes more than five years, recently came out No. 35, February / March 2011. There is also an annual catalog. Up to now, five out such a publication and a little larger size, the difference between the "regular" edition is the Industry all kindergartens and schools have the same amount of space for advertising and what is required of them textually detailed explanation of the program, the environment, and the ways structure of the work - to some not very strict, but the relevant criteria.


Guide for parents of babies

Since April of 2008. in the Belgrade municipality of Vračar (most home municipality in Serbia, probably in the Balkans and the European situation is unusual) is the realization of the project on the baby gift. The point is that every parent who came to report to a new child in the home office of the municipality receives THE GIFT one publication and a DVD release. Both are professional publications popularly conceived, where one can find a range of advice and recommendations on what the child when it comes from the maternity home.

Baby Cookbook

We've created a DVD edition of the publication and cook for babies. In a funny way, and clinging is processed (cooked, I inquired and advancing knowledge in a dad - actor) and a number of key issues and serious recommendations for feeding babies from 6 months to a year and a half ago (from the time it is introduced nemlečna supplements) .

Easy steps to the first

Wonderful and useful, but a standard set (book and DVD) on psychomotor development of infants from birth to one year of age, which takes you through Dr. Daniel Vukicevic, a specialist in physical medicine.