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Address: 51a Nehruova st., store 18, TC Kula, Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/2271-505
Fax: 011/2271-505
E-mail: ozondoo@yahoo.com
Website: www.ozonfreshdoo.com

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OZONE FRESH Company Ltd. was established in 2004, aimed at the Serbian market to set new standards in hygiene and get refreshed and flavored space as a standard business. Refreshed facilities and rooms provide a pleasant stay for you, your clients, visitors and all employees. Pleasant ambience relaxes and extends your customers during their stay in the house, and the employees providing better working conditions. We represent companies TimeMist ® from England that is more than 25 years a synonym for fresh thinking . TimeMist invented the digital space refreshers and placed them in a special category of hygiene. The largest distributor of space fresheners in the world. TimeMist is unsurpassed in production. Strict quality control ensures near zero defects - 99.99625 product has been proven correct. This almost fanatical commitment to perfection is an example of how serious TimeMist in innovation, evaluating and maintaining its position as the oldest global brand. In addition to room fresheners we are importing and distributing hygiene associated equipment. Contact: .. Tel: 011-22 71 505 Mob: 064-22 17 386 Web: www.ozonfreshdoo.com Email: ozondoo@yahoo.com Address: Nehruova 51a, 11070 Novi Beograd