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Address: 4 Zvecanska st., Savski venac
Belgrade Phone: 011/2644-100, 011/2644-102

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Special ophthalmology hospital Milmedic began its development in 2010.

Today our institution occupies 600m2 of modernly designed space at 4 Zvecanska street in Belgrade.

The special hospital Milmedic consists of three fully equipped ophthalmology offices and an internal medicine department for the purpose of preparation for ophthalmology surgical interventions. There is also the cabinet for the functional diagnostics of the eye, the ultrasound cabinet, an area for laser interventions and halls for surgical interventions and eye surgeries.

*Medical procedures at Milmedic:
- Cataract operation through phacooemulsification of the eye and intraocular lens implanting.
- Combined cataract and glaucoma surgery
- Anti-glaucoma surgery with or without implants
- Oculoplastic surgery

*Diagnostic procedures:
- Full ophthalmology examination
- Computerized field of vision testing
- Ultrasound examination of the eye and orbit
- Oculyzer examination (topography and pachymetry of the cornea

*Laser interventions on the eye's posterior segment (diabetic reinopathy, rupture of the cornea etc.)

*Laser interventions on the eye's frontal segment - Yag laser iridotomy, capsulotomy, SLT-selective lasertrabeculoplastics and more)

A section of our Milmedic clinic is also our Refraction center, which is a modernly equipped office for laser diopter removal interventions utilizing EXCIMER laser Wave Light ALLEGRETTO of the latest generation as well as the newest TECHNOLAS Teneo laser for removal of all kinds of diopter.

Special ophthalmology hospital Milmedic
4 Zvecanska street, Belgrade
Tel: 011/2644-100, 011/2644-102

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