Optics Belgrade

Address: 13 Apatinska st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/630-50-30, 630-19-07, 063/283-583
Fax: 011/219-15-50
E-mail: optoform@open.telekom.rs
Website: www.optoform.net

4.5/ 5stars

OPTOFORM is a company for local and international trade and services seated in Zemun at 13 Apatinska street. We began work on 16th of January 2001 and our main activity is representation of several European companies who deal in production and trade of prescription and sun glasses. To be precise, OPTOFORM is the exclusive representative and distributor in Serbia for the following companies: TOP LOOK, Kising, Germany, TITANIC OPTIK AUSTRIA, Grac, Austria, Leaf eyewear, Mestre-Venice, Italy and AMBG ltd. Ostrava, Czechoslovakia. 

From the TITANIC OPTIK AUSTRIA program we'd like to highlight the brands: Jacques Lemans, Titanic, Nuovo, Toms as well as sunglasses TOMS SUNGLASSES, named after the former number 1 raked tennis player Tomas Muster.

TOP LOOK is a German company which boasts exceptional quality production and design of prescription frames made of metal as well as new ultra-light and resilient materials such as beta-titanium, carbon or pressed cotton. We are also proud to present the latest line of this company's products, their wooden frames. This company's brands include TOP LOOK, ICU, TAO and MAXEY.

LEAF EYEWEAR is an Italian company who specializes in their LEAF women's collection of exceptional quality and design which includes a large number of prescription glasses of various shapes and colours and made of metal, acetate or ultimately light plastic.

RITUAL, VISIBLE and FUEGO VIVO brands belong to the Czech company with American capital AMBG ltd. They offer a large selection of men and women's prescription glasses, especially for teenagers and children.

OPTOFORM currently works with over 150 optometrist stores around Serbia.