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Ocular house VISION - Specialist Ophthalmic Practice , Office for contact lenses and optics

Belgrade 53, Belgrade
Tel / fax: 011/323-4235 , 324-7488 ,

Office Hours
: Mon - Fri: 11-20h, Sat: 12-17h



Ocular house VISION - Optics ( Contact lenses and glasses )
Yuri Gagarin 14ž/lok . 8 , Belville (building Violet ) , Novi Beograd
Tel : 011/6300- 810 ; 063/8157-501

Office Hours : Mon - Fri 11 - 20h, Sat - Sun 12 - 17h

Free personal delivery is done three times a week at the desired address in New Belgrade and Zemun.

Ocular house VISION was founded in Belgrade in 1994. year.

Has become known for its kindness and courtesy of employees and respect their client. Many patients have quickly recognized the competence and responsibility of doctors ophthalmologists - kontaktologa and nurses with extensive clinical experience , high level of service , which is consistent with respect for international medical standards and codes of business contributed to the reputation of the vision. Why do people believe ?

Specialist ophthalmic surgery and cabinet for contact lenses and refractive eye

A team of doctors - specialists and nurses in an air-conditioned office , equipped with the latest diagnostic devices , successfully solves all the problems of vision that eliminates non-invasive method ( myopia , presbyopia , astigmatism , keratoconus ) . In collaboration with the patient leads to optimal , and also the most comfortable way of vision correction contact lenses and glasses .

Main field of work :

1 Cabinet for contact lenses and refractive ( spectacles )

- Subjective and objective - computerized determination of refractive glasses for the first
- Checking and correction of pre-existing diopter
- Design an appointment of all types of contact lenses (soft , RGP silicon hydrogel , PMMA ) with vocational training for beginners
- Control examinations and treatment of complications caused by wearing contact lenses

2 Specialist eye examination

- Diagnosis , treatment and monitoring of diseases of the eye
- Corneal Topography
- Measurement of intraocular pressure and corneal thickness measurement ( pachymetry )
- Review of fundus
- Expression and showering eyelids when treating blepharitis

3 Ophthalmic diagnostics

- Computerized Auto - kerato - Refractometry
- Determination of visual acuity
- Biomicroscopy
- Tonometry , gonioscopy , pachymetry and ophthalmoscopy ( fundus examination )

4 optics

- All kinds of prescription glasses , and plastic frame ( frame )
- Installation of glass, plastic and servicing
- All types of contact lenses and care systems

Optics - all in one place !

Under the same roof VISIONS receives a complete service . After the review and determination of refractive error , waiting for you wide range of glass, frames, all types of contact lenses and care systems .

In order to approach and save time to their patients and customers , VISION has opened its showroom and service center in New Belgrade Belville , where you can stock up diopter frames, the latest dipotrijskom plastics and glasses , contact lenses and their maintenance , as well as to schedule an appointment in your home ophthalmologic surgery .

Finally, here's the only real recommendations , quotations from the book of impressions in the vision :

" Everybody's talking about all sorts of visions , but this is the only one that can be quickly and successfully achieved ."


Methods of payment

Cards Cheque Through an administrative ban / installment