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Useful information

We are proud to say that we have gained many beloved regular clients who are happy to share their most beautiful moments with their family, friends and business partners at our place. Much to our own and the pleasure of our visitors, we have made their special moments such as birthdays, weddings and other celebrations much sweeter with our products.

For over 15 years our main goal has been the satisfaction of our clients and our continued advancement in the area of hosting as well as improvement of our confectionering skills. With the preservation of our recognizable "Verdi" quality of course. With this in mind you can be sure you will be in the center of our attention if you visit us. 

The concept of Verdi cafe is to resemble the romantic little trattories in Rome, the cheerful cafes of Paris or the personable taverns of mediterranean coasts. In short - all those places you are glad to remember because they made you feel welcome like you are among friends. 

Even though we are located in the heart of a trade center, the ambiance of our garden is full of greenery and summer optimism which lures you to drop by and find the much wanted peace and harmony that we all need. 

In our garden under the dome (which makes it especially welcoming during rain season) you can often see a couple sharing their favorite pastry sitting table-to-table with a foreign diplomat who is enjoying their favorite book over a cup of tea and right next to them a family with three children who are rollerblading around the floor and stop by for a bite of ice-cream, while in the corner a young woman in a business suit is focused on her laptop and first cappuccino of the day... 

All the confectionaries that Verdi offers do not compromise when it comes to quality and the expended materials. When you try them you will feel the true flavors of the highest quality season fruit, the aroma of true hazelnuts and walnuts and the freshness of milk, butter and cream. We make sure to bring together the old ideas of quality with the modern understanding of production, aesthetic presentation and the service level rightfully expected by our visitors.

Verdi regularly refreshes our standard offer of treats using new recipes and flavors as well as seasonally relevant treats - another reason for you to come visit us often and try some of our familiar confectionaries in a new edition as well as our original Verdi® recipes.