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Pets, pet shop Belgrade
  • Address: 44 Gospodara Vucica st., Vozdovac
  • Phone: 061/2444-070

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Useful information

Pet shop pet Alfa began work in 2014 and until today has been an irreplacable place for a large number of animal lovers who appreciate quality and superior service. We are located at 44 Lord Vucica street, in Vozdovac.

To the owners of various pets, be it dogs, cats, birds, fish and rodents, we offer the largest selection of food and equipment for your pets.

Commercial food for dogs and cats that we sell meets the standards prescribed for a healthy diet rich in vitamins and when it comes to your pet.

Delivery of large quantities of food is done on the whole territory of Vozdovac for amounts over 6000 dinars.

Boundless love for animals and understanding their needs, motivate us to their work everyday accessed very responsibly. The offer for you have everything your dog, cat or other pet needs to be kept healthy and looks neat.

Professional veterinarian will always be happy to give you the necessary advice for your cat or dog, and advise you what to do if it does not feel good, they have fleas, ticks, ear infection, fever, constipation, refuse to eat or have some other health problem.

Veterinary advice that will not cost you anything, and will mean a lot to you because you will be able to help your pet in the best possible way.

For us to expect cages for birds and rodents, necklaces for dogs and cats, a leash for dogs, feeders for birds, food containers, brushes for hair, pet toys and more at very reasonable prices.

Treat your dog or cat a wide range of our products and in this way they fight back for selfless love that we provide.

Opening hours pet shop center Alfa pet:

- Weekdays from 10:30-20:30h
- Saturdays from 11-18h
- Sundays

All in one place for your dog or cat. Food, veterinary advice and equipment for pets.



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