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Useful information

„Omni pharm“ is a pharmacy that puts you and your health in the first place. Our main goal is to make sure our users are satisfied, healthy and well-informed, so we work hard to provide all the best medical products, medication, dietary products, quality cosmetics, baby program and anatomical footwear.

We work with speech therapists, clinical pharmacists, personal trainers, dermatologists, nutritionists and other experts we provide counseling, examinations and education for the purpose of users' informity and overall health improvement. Our vision includes affirmation of new services, high quality services and highly educated, professional and motivated staff.

Our team of professionals consists of three magisters in pharmacy who work with clearly defined goals:

- Counseling and informing patients about diseases
- Improvement and pharmacy health protection focused on the users, i.e. the patients
- Accurace and precise advice regarding proper and responsible use of medical means and drugs.

Our primary goal is the health and satisfaction of our users as well as overall improvement of their life quality.

Working hours:
- Workdays and on Saturdays: 7:30AM – 9:30PM
- Sundays: 8AM – 4PM


APOTEKA OMNI PHARM Pharmacies Beograd
APOTEKA OMNI PHARM Pharmacies Beograd
APOTEKA OMNI PHARM Pharmacies Beograd