Pharmacies Belgrade

Address: 73b Vidikovacki venac st., Vidikovac
Belgrade Phone: 011/2321-353

4/ 5stars

PHARMACY PLANTAGO BELGRADE Opening hours: Mon-Fri 08-20h Sat-Sun 08-14h We offer a large assortment of ready-made medicines, magistral and galenic preparations and medicines and medical equipment. Only in Belgrade we have MONASTERY TEA for the treatment of various types of diseases, and are one of the few pharmacies in Belgrade which offers ABIES cream and ointment, and neutralizer of harmful radiation REN, as well as universal terraces dogs. With rich experience in making medical and cosmetic products, such as creams and lotions for all skin types can be made free consultations with experienced pharmacists. In addition to the above havewide selection of of diapers for children and adults at affordable prices , as well as atomic shoes for people who have problems with joints , spine ,circulation andvaricose veins . We do free promotional blood pressure measurements.