Physical medicine Belgrade

Address: 26/1 Ljubinke Bobic st., Bezanijska kosa
Belgrade Phone: 011/3189-303, 227-28-73, 064/458-67-79

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SPECIALIST CLINIC FOR PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION * Electrotherapy * Thermotherapy * Phototherapy * Laser therapy * Magnetic * Ultrasonic Therapy * Hand massage * Vibromasaža * Vibroakustična therapy * Pain control * Kinesitherapy - individual exercises * mechanotherapy * Farmakopunktura * Giving injections i.m. * Infiltration * Blocks * Patronage Programs for treatment and rehabilitation: * Pain in the neck and spine slabinskoj (spondylosis, discarthrosis, prolapsed disc and disc herniation) * Pain in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers, hip, knee, ankle (periarthritis, arthritis, dislocations, meniscal disease, conditions after injuries and operations, growth pains in the knees, hips congenital disease) * Pain that spread from the spine to the arms and legs (cervicobrachial syndrome, sciatica, Perez and paralysis of peripheral nerves, unoperated and operated herniation) * Sports injuries * states after stroke (hemiparesys) * after injuring the spinal cord (paraparesis) * The distortion of the spinal column (scoliosis and kyphosis) * flat feet * Tips for spa Opening hours: from 10 to 18 hours (except Saturday and Sunday)