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Mediflora’s mission is to become a healthcare institution that offers their patients herbal solutions such as teas, herbal products and other various options that can be obtained without prescription and used for the best results with qualified advice to self-medicate.

Working in our team are trained experts, doctors and masters of pharmacy who select the best medicinal herbs and herbal essences for you. 

Dušanka Runjaic-Antic
A specialist for medicinal herbs
Years of professional and scientific experience in
studying and application of medicinal herbs are now
available to you and your health.

Centuries of tradition and modern scientific research are the basis for Mediflora’s line of products. For our innovations in the area of herbal medicine our experts have received many awards in national and international manifestations, where we’d specially set apart the gold WIPO medal of the Global Innovation Association.

Discover the diversity of our assortment at the herbal pharmacy Mediflora that is located at 228 Kralja Aleksandra boulevard. At our herbal pharmacy our expert for medicinal herbs who will be happy to give you expert advice for safe, efficient and quality treatment.

Enjoy a cup of tea from the Mediflora herbal pharmacy!

-herbal drops -

FLORAVITEX herbal drops contain herbal ingredients of agnus castus that has been applied for over 2500 years for regulating menstrual disorders. Hippocrates mentions is as early as 4th century BC and scientific research confirm it today using modern methods.

 * removes the causes of sterility
 * enhances ovulation
 * reduces prolactin secretion
 * enhances progesterone levels
 * reduces general PMS symptoms
 * regulate menstrual cycle
 * prevents endometriosis
 * helps with polycystic ovaries syndrome
 * reduces acne during PMS
 * helps with menopause symptoms

Reproductive hormones in women are the basis of their reproductive functions. The biologically active components of this plant have positive effect to hormone control and production.

FLORAVITEX herbal drops are applied in infertility caused by disorders in luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. Biologically active ingredients have a positive effect on control and hormone production during the final two weeks for the menstrual cycle. This period is known for the forming of the yellow body that prepares the egg for fertilization and uterus for the eventual pregnancy. They normalize the level of progesterone that is secreted by the yellow body and help the healthy menstrual function. 

Many menstrual problems are linked to reduce progesterone production in the second stage of the menstrual cycle which is also known as the luteal phase. Due to a deficiency in progesterone in this phase there is a domination of estrogen and this part of the period is reduced. The reduction of the luteal phase with too much estrogen and not enough progesterone leads to various problems in women such as overly abundant menstruation, frequent periods or complete lack of it.

Another hormone, prolactin can also be increased in that period which causes aching breasts which is a classic syndrome of PMS.

Herbal ingredients do not work like herbal estrogen, but rather affect the hypothalamus and pituitary which in turn regulate the other hormones in the organism and maintain balance in estrogen and progesterone, increasing progesterone.

Among hormonal disorders is the cystic hormonal hyperplasia of the endometrium, ovulatory bleeding, anovulatory bleeding and hyperthyroidism. The herbal ingredients have very beneficial effect for pre-menstrual problems and cystic changes in the breasts and ovaries and considering that the menstruation is tied to hormones, herbal products can be beneficial for healthy hormonal and emotional life of every woman.

Twice per day take 20 drops. It is suggested to use it for at least 3-6 cycles without interruption. 

Side effect: none known

Keeping: keep in room temperature, protected from the light in the original package, outside the reach of children.

Package: 100ml

Mediflora ltd

228 Kralja Aleksandra boulevard, 11000 Beograd
Phone. 011/3806-281, 063/21-44-26 and 065/3942-290


HERBAL PHARMACY MEDIFLORA Plant pharmacies Beograd
HERBAL PHARMACY MEDIFLORA Plant pharmacies Beograd
HERBAL PHARMACY MEDIFLORA Plant pharmacies Beograd

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