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Prof. Dr. Milan Jovanovic holds a doctorate in the domain of aesthetic surgery. He worked on his doctorate, whose topic was dedicated to ageing and face and neck rejuvenation, for over ten years and he was the first person in the world to discover many aspects and types of ageing which were not previously described in any scientific literature. Excerpts from this doctorate were printed by the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery publication.

Doctor Jovanovic has been an active member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ( for many years now.

At the internationally acclaimed course organized by the Galathea clinic “R.A.P.S. RECENT ADVANCES IN PLASTIC SURGERY III” which took place 17-19th September in 2004, Doctor Jovanovic won the first place award at the hotel Intercontinental Belgrade with his live surgical demonstration and in front of a Committee whose members included such names as Claudio Cardoso de Castro - Brasil; Bruce F. Connell - USA; Bahman Guyuron - USA; Mutaz B. Habal – USA (head editor of the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery); Brian M. Kinney - USA; Yann Levet - France; Malcolm Paul - USA; Luiz S. Toledo - Brasil. Doctor Jovanovic won first place for best work titled “Personal Approach to the Correction of Prominent Ears”. 

Doctor Jovanovic also won Belgrade’s award in medicine in the year 2013 as a member of a group of authors including 152 members of the surgery board with anesthesiology of the Medical university in Belgrade for the textbook “Surgery for students of medicine”. 

Prof. Dr. Milan Jovanovic was one of the few doctors who published a patent in the domain of plastic surgery. The intellectual properties Institute following the article 40 of the class 1 law on patents (“Service publication SCG” edition 32/04) has published the patent recognition under the name “Specially constructed rulers for design of the Limberg flap” which is now listed in the Institute of intellectual properties under the number P-208/04. 

Prof. Dr. Milan Jovanovic has had great success with various spectrums of surgeries both plastic and aesthetic, including:

Face lifting (Rhytidectomia), eyelid rejuvenation (blepharoplastca superior and blepharoplastica inferior), Microdermal abrasion, facial rejuvenation and aesthetics using own fat tissue, Nose surgery and correction (rhinoplastica), ear correction (otapostasis), lip correction and modeling, hair transplants, eyebrows and eyelashes (mini and micrografting), lyposuction (of the neck, abdomen, thighs), Breast augmentation (augmentationa mamoplastica), Breast reduction (reductive mamolastics and ptosis), scar removal using micro-surgical technologies, chemical peeling, botox wrinkle filling, rejuvenation and beauty procedures, “tummy-tuck”(dermolipectomia).

The health institution General hospital “Medical System Belgrade - MSB” presents a system that brings together all medical and dental specialties. 

Medical System Belgrade includes clinics for: plastic surgery, aesthetic surgery, general surgery, internal medicine (cardiology, pulmonology, nefrology, rheumatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology and others), pediatrics, urology, gynecology as well as the best specialist consultants in the domains of neurology, psychiatry, orthopedics, ORL, skin diseases and many other branches of medicine. We are able to provide complete diagnostics to our patients. At MSB our 15 resident doctors from varying specialties will be taking care of you as well as our medical staff of 25 resident nurses, various consultants, academics and professors from the Belgrade Medical University. Our vast experience and excellent results make us one of the leading private practices in Serbia. 

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