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Prof. Dr Milan Jovanovic is a Doctor of Science in the field of cosmetic surgery. For his doctorate his topic was dedicated to aging and rejuvenation of the face and neck on which he worked for over ten years and was the first in the world to discover many lines and types of aging that had not been described in any literature (parts of this doctorate were accepted for publication in the newspaper : Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). ">Longtime active member of the World Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

On the internationally recognized course, organized by the Galathea clinic "R.A.P.S. RECENT ADVANCES IN PLASTIC SURGERY III "which was held from 17th to 19th of September 2004, in Belgrade at the Intercontinental Hotel and the live surgery demonstration in a private kliici Galathea, before a commission whose members were: Claudio Cardoso de Castro - Brazil; Bruce F. Connell - USA; Bahman Guyuron - USA; Mutaz B. Habal - USA (main editor of Jurnal of Craniofacial Surgery); Brian M. Kinney - USA; Yann Levet - France; Malcolm Paul - USA; Luiz S. Toledo - Brazil. He won first prize for the best paper entitled: "Personal Approach to the Correction of Prominent Ears" where he presented his method of correcting protruding ears.

He won the City of Belgrade for medicine in 2013, as a member of a group of authors from the 152 member of the Department of Surgery, Anesthesiology, School of Medicine, University of Belgrade for the textbook "Surgery for medical students."

Prof. Dr Milan Jovanovic is one of the few doctors who published a patent in the field of plastic surgery. Intellectual Property Office, pursuant to Article 40, paragraph 1 of the Patent Law ( "Official Gazette" no. 32/04), published by the recognition of a large patent entitled: "Specially designed rulers to design Limbergovog lobe (Specially designed ruler for design of the Limberg flap) "which was filed with the Intellectual property Office under number P-208/04.

Prof. Dr Milan Jovanovic has been successfully running a huge and diverse spectrum of operations in the field as much aesthetic and plastic surgery such as:

Facial rejuvenation "Face lifting" (Rhytidectomia), rejuvenation of the eyelids (blepharoplastca superior and inferior Blepharoplastica), Microdermabrasion, rejuvenation and beautification of persons own fat tissue, Beautification and nose surgery (rhinoplastica) Ulepsavanje and correction of the ears (otapostasis) Beautification and modeling lips, hair transplant, eyebrows and eyelashes (mini and micrografting), Liposuction (neck, abdomen, thigh) breast augmentation (augmentation mamoplastica) breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty and ptosis) removing scars (microsurgical technique), Chemical peels, Correction wrinkles 'Botox' beautification and rejuvenation, Tummy tuck (dermolipectomia).

The health institution General Hospital Medical System Belgrade - MSB is a system that integrates all medical and dental specialties.

In its composition Medical System Belgrade has clinics: plastic surgery, plastic surgery, general surgery, internal medicine (cardiology, pulmonology, nephrology, rheumatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology, etc.), pediatrics, urology, gynecology, as well as top consultants of neurology , psychiatry, orthopedics, ENT, skin diseases and many other branches of medicine. We are able to perform a complete diagnosis. Within MSB cares about you 15 full-time doctors of various specialties, 25 full-time nurses, a large number of consultants, academics and professors Medical Faculty in Belgrade. A lot of experience and achieved results put us in one of the most private practice in Serbia.