Printing-houses Belgrade

Address: 4, Pavla Orlovica st (Gradic Pejton)
Belgrade Phone: 011/344-48-29, 344-48-27, 244-27-07, fax. 245-52-84, 062/200-184 // 011/244-27-07 // 011/3549-882
E-mail: apislaser@eunet.rs
Website: www.apislaser.rs

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Seal making workshop EKSPRES was founded in 1970 as a small workshop for manufacturing of seals. Today it is located in the colorful workshop town GRADIC PEJTON in Vracar in the heart of Cubura. With hard work the founders of this workshop Srdjan and Vera Stojanovic have made their respect and trust during the hard communistic times with high quality of their products, by respecting the deadlines and fair prices. In the beginning that was very hard because the authorities weren't very keen on the private initiative. With the change of the system in the country, better conditions were made so Ekspres swiftly had a need for bigger capacities and product line. In 1993 a new company was made under the name Apis Ekspres (today Stamp Print) which is located on Banovo Brdo at the tram station. Also this store gained swiftly respect and started to work well. Very fast there was a need for print, especially for specialized hand manufacturing of invitations, calling cards and other graphic products using gold print, thermo graphics etc. All these stores operate as a unique system and are led by members of the family. In that way high standards set by the founders have been preserved. In the recent years new technologies in this field emerged. Laser usage is particularly interesting. This little team couldn't resist the challenge so it introduced newest technologies in its production including lasers. Therefore Apis Laser was founded, in order to meet the needs of the market, with its bigger and more strict demands, and to improve and develop this new technology. The new company is located in the spacey and nicely decorated space also in Cubura in the heart of Vracar. Speedy 300 is the most economic, productive and fastest (3,5 m/s) laser system in its class in Europe. It can engrave, cut and mark a large number of materials. It uses totally ecologic two part filters based on active char coal which removes dust, smoke and all chemical vapors. We are the only stamp makers in Serbia which can make single seals in several colors. We use products by two biggest and best world companies in this field: Trodat and Colop