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Učestvujte u našem kvizu "Koliko dobro poznaješ Beograd?" i osvojite vredne nagrade! Saznajte više...


  • Address: 1 Patrijarha Gavrila st., Vracar // 157 Cara Dusana st., Zemun // 450 Vojvode Stepe st., Vozdovac // 13 Decanska st., Stari grad
  • Phone: +381 11 2438 632, +381 11 2103 625, +381 63 336 907, +381 11 3247 408
  • Emperor Dusan 157, ZemunOf the currently active location Copy Student, in 157 Emperor Dusan Zemun We no longer present. Copier began operations 15.09.1996 g ..Store in which we operate is easy to find,...

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How the janissaries killed the mother of Serbs

Hadji Mustafa Sinik-oglu who was the vizier of Belgrade between 1893 to 1801 was the fiercest opponent...
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