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Rent a car Belgrade


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Price 15.00 EUR

The most affordable rent a car Rentault Clio.

Rent a car Kia Rio starting at 22EU per day.

Agape rent a car is an agency for vehicle rental offering high quality vehicles that are in perfect orfer. We want to give all our clients equal atention and meet all your demands with the highest level of services - swiftly, efficiently and without complications.

All the agency users must have had a valid driving license for a minimum of 4 years as well as a personal ID or passport. The shortest available lease time is 1 day and the vehicle must be returned at the same time that it was picked up with 1hr lateness tolerance.

If this limit expires we begin calculating the next day of lease. If the person renting shortens the agreed period the agency maintains the right to charge penalties equal to up to two days of lease. If the person renting does not show up or cancel their reservations 72hrs in advance, the agency maintains the right to charge for two days of lease. Any extensions of the rental period must be cleared with the agency in advance.

Our fleet contains fully new vehciles of brands such as Reno Klio and Kia Rio Sedan which have air-conditioning and air bags. Mileage is limited to 150km per day and rental of the vehicles is paid when picking up the vehicle via credit card (visa, mastercard), account payment or in cash. When renting the vehicle you must deposit 200EU through credit card or in cash.

All our vehicles are insured and this insurance is included in the rental price and covers the damages from theft of the vehicle or its parts.

Also there are our apartments designed for relaxation and enjoyment of our clients.

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AGAPE RENT A CAR Rent a car Beograd
AGAPE RENT A CAR Rent a car Beograd
AGAPE RENT A CAR Rent a car Beograd

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