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Address: 74 Ugrinovacki put st., Zemun-Altina
Belgrade Phone: 064/227-95-04

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BG CAR SERVICE is a service specializing in maintenance and repair of all types of Peugeot and Citroen vehicles. With our help, your car will be in good condition, safe for driving and will maintain its value. From us you can expect: * Quality and professional service * High-quality pieces by renowned brands * Respect for your time and deadlines * Warranty on parts and service Service also has modern equipment for diagnostics, as well as special tools for repair. Only with proper maintenance and repair, you will get the most out of your car and ensure it lasts a long time. Whether the replacement of oil, little adjustments or repairs to a larger engine, brake and steering system, you can leave your car to us and be assured that we will take good care of it. During the servicing and repair your car we pay attention as it had while designed and assembled. We Switching VOLANA FOR PEUGEOT, CITROEN, RENAULT OFFER We offer SLEP SERVICES AND HELP ON THE WAY, whether you are at home or abroad. 0-24h. CARS JEEP smaller machines BOATS We sell used parts for: RENAULT: Clio, Megane, Laguna, SENIC II, MODUS, Kang. PEUGEOT 106, 206, 306, 307, 406, 406 Coupe, 407, 607, PARTNER. CITROEN: SAXO, Xsantia, C2, C3, C4, C5, Berlingo. Engine, transmission, flywheel, gear, nozzles, bosch pump, cylinder heads, steering pumps, alternators, Alnaser, air compressors ... Limarijski Parts, light clusters, bumpers and Masks, Mirrors ... Bonnet, wings, Midfielder Lim, front and rear bumpers, Son bumpers, headlamps, tail lamps, turn signals, Fog Lights, Electrical and Mechanical Mirrors, Covers And Mirrors Mirrors, motor protection, Mouldings, Skins, bars, spoilers, rims... We're sending the parts with the cheapest courier to all the cities of Serbia. The item can be shipped to countries in the region