Replacement parts Belgrade

Address: 20 Strumicka st., Dusanovac
Belgrade Phone: 011/7444-730

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Company which sells spare parts for Opel vehicles Monterey Inc started to work in 1995 as an Opel car parts shop called 'OPEL PARTS'.

After five years we grew into a company that directly imports and sells spare parts for all Opel vehicles.
The location of the shops is located above the highway Belgrade - Nis which facilitates the arrival in the Opel drivers who are out, and those from Belgrade.

Also close to Kalenic market on the other hand, close to shuttle bus No.31 and the fact that the street passes by public transport 25 and 26 corresponds to those who are unable to come to his funeral service.
In the first place is our quality auto parts and services, as well as large range of Opel parts for which we are trying to grow day by day. This is provided by trained personnel. We try to make the knowledge we have gained over the years with parts for Opel vehicles apply in their daily work in order to help the occasional buyer advice and most importantly, accurate service. In other words, we try to get part of a party that is just for its Opel and not some other type of Vauxhall, so we take all the necessary information on the said Opel cars: engine number, chassis and using a computer and appropriate program come to the right data.

In addition there are three telephone lines so that the situation that some of them a long time is taken up minimal. As for the spare parts themselves are imported from Germany and have the same passed a number of control until they reach us. Every part meets the standard ISO 9001 A small number of complaints, rather insignificant, the best evidence of that.