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Full-service laundry and ironing

Laundry "FRESH & CLEAN" is located in New Belgrade and provides services of washing, drying, ironing and laundry delivery. The different capacity washing machines for each customer separately classified by the type of fabric, dirt, the way the stains that can not be washed in a normal washing process.

Laundry wash using highest quality enzymatic means without the use of sodium and chemicals that damage the fabric. Of course, the funds are eco-friendly, non-allergenic and disinfected goods (only detergent and stain remover ARIEL)

Laundry is dried in kilns professional, carefully choosing the drying temperature and drying time, depending on the type of service and final processing.

Ironing is done using professional rollers and irons with be sensitive to fiber content of fabric, which eliminates any possibility of damage during heat treatment and steam.

We offer the following services:
- Laundry
- Ironing
- Download and delivery of clean laundry


Good restaurant, hotel and wellness center guests remember the small details. Can improve its service offering enrichment with some of the details.
We offer you the opportunity to raise your business to a higher level by introducing special hygienic washcloth and wet wipes with lemon flavor and eukaliptisa, used for disinfecting hands and face.
The rapid pace of modern life requires quick and effective solutions. Hygienic wet towel and wipe enabling safe hand sanitizer before and after meals.

In addition to your guests become happier by providing services that are in line with international standards in hospitality and hotel industry, this can also be considered as a special contribution to your marketing as damp washcloth and wipes can be packed into branded with packaging that is consistent with your visual identity.

Wet wipes are disposable, and are used wet washcloth returned to suppliers for recycling.

The composition of the cloth and wet tissues:
- Water
- Perfume
- Disinfectant

Fresh and Clean
Address: Dr. Ivana Ribar 115 / A, New Belgrade
VAT number: 106820081
MB: 20687002

Manager: Zoran Lalovic
Phone: 063 108 13 64
Laundry: 060 5888480
Laundry: 060 6856565


FRESH & CLEAN Restaurant equipment Beograd
FRESH & CLEAN Restaurant equipment Beograd
FRESH & CLEAN Restaurant equipment Beograd