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  • Bus: 33, 39, 42, 47, 48, 59, 78, E7, E9
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The Fransh restaurant was founded back in 1982 in an impossible place - a hole under the overpass overlooking the highway - and at an impossible time. Prejudice and all odds were against it, but with great service, great experience and of course delicious specialties from the charcoal grill and from the traditional Serbian cuisine, we fought our way to the first place and stayed there.

It is not accidental, it is something, both literal and symbolic, like a fatal love: We go, wander, explore novelties, but still, we always return to it.

Today, Fransh has the status of a symbolic promenade of Belgrade, where young and old come to show off their new wardrobe, make new deals, start a new love or celebrate important moments. With a warm atmosphere and a beautiful garden, screens and lamps reminiscent of some nostalgic times, Fransh is more than just a restaurant, it is a host that welcomes you into his home. It’s forty-five types of salads and a small gourmet burger, it’s our menus for ladies and menus for gentlemen. It is a place where those who have gone far always return to, it is fried peppers stuffed with cheese, it is homemade gnocchi and the best wines, it is hot buns from our bakery and cakes from their pastry shop, it is our Nikola and the legendary waiters. It is that feeling that you are always welcome and that there will always be a table for you. Fransh, it is romance and anticipation, evening sfumato and noon celebration. For all these years it has been one of the few places in Belgrade where girls could go out on their own, and always feel comfortable.

And he is waiting for us, in the old place - amazing, always better, fresher, more and more beautiful, younger and with new surprises.

Fransh is, in fact, a real Belgrade hunk, a cavalier. And more than anything - Fransh is a gentleman, with perfect manners.

Franch smiles, and gives his thanks, he works hard, softens faces, entices smiles and laughter, Fransh makes everything lovelier.

Fransh has a story, and an atmosphere, and the breath of the sea as we work together with the best restaurant in Budva, Domizan. Thanks to their help, Fransh offers the best seafood specialties, and for gourmets a real barbecue. With the new pastry shop, everything will be sweet, and with the new bakery, there will be hot pastries as desired on each table.

Fransh is a metaphor of an invincible Belgrade.


Fransh has measure and it has its people, Fransh is the modern history of Belgrade, a great memory of our happy moments, which have passed and which will be in the future.




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