Restaurants Belgrade

Address: 31 Vase Pelagica st., Senjak
Belgrade Phone: 011/411-411-5, 069/778-077

4.5/ 5stars

The newly opened “GRAFICAR” restaurant in Senjak, at 31 Vase Pelagica street has been in business for 35 years but has recently undergone a complete remake – gained a more modern style but retained its recognizable charm.

We have a hall with 86 seats and a garden with 190 seats.

In our offer we have an international menu and in our daily offer there is a number of delicious cooked meals and of course our famous roasts under the rock. The new restaurant still serves amazing barbecue and lamb roast but also fresh sea fish specialties and various Italian specialties. For all meat lovers we have great Florentine stakes, Tomahawk stakes made of Scottish beef, lamb chops from New Zealand and exclusively Spanish Conchillo pork, 20 days old and raised only on milk. It must be reserved a day in advanced where upon roasting our chef slices it in front of the guest in the old Spanish tradition.

The new restaurant is unique for its wine chart with over 130 labels from around the world but also many from Serbia. When it comes to sweets we have something for all tastes, various Serbian sweets but also chocolate soufflés, Belgian chocolate, Tiramisu, pancakes, cheesecake and other delicacies.

We have a large parking lot for 70 vehicle.

Reservations are recommended, especially on weekend.

We are waiting for you.