Restaurants Belgrade

Address: 17 Smederevos road, Lestane
Belgrade Phone: 064/811-2281

4.5/ 5stars

Close to the town, namely 9km from the city center is a beautiful restaurant MLINAREV SAN, built in the ethnic style of the Old Raska area featuring the Serbian people and his creation. MLINAREV SAN offers healthy cuisine, with an old well-worn Serbian dishes such as roasts and baked under the iron pan, corn bread, eldovna asks a number of other dishes as well as many species of fish.
A rich selection of old proven brandy and wine and international drinks with the hospitality of the owner and staff. We have rooms for lodging and a daily break from using phones to conduct transactions around the world. For regular customers special benefits.
We organize weddings, business and family lunches, birthdays, funeral and everything else on the occasion of your celebration ...

Capacity of 550 guest rooms.

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