Restaurants Belgrade

Address: 49 Kej oslobodjenja st., Zemunski kej
Belgrade Phone: 011/2199-462

4/ 5stars

What we at Toro Grill are most proud of and what sets us apart from any other steak house in the city is our unique Scottish beef which is imported exclusively for the needs of our restaurant and because it is so special, we dedicated a full page on our website to it.

Our concept is simple - a menu that consists of dishes made using the finest quality ingredients. The owner has opened the restaurant with the desire to bring his city the most beautiful experiences from Italy where he had lived for a long time and dined at its finest restaurants. In order to bring this feeling to Serbia, he used his personal contacts with the small providers from Serbia to always have the freshest ingrediets. Our lamb and beef come from a certain estate in Pesterska highland while our cheeses, Mangulitsa prosciutto and pepperoni come from Srem. All of our desserts as well as our fragnant bread are prepared daily in our own kitchen.