Restaurants Belgrade

Address: 12a Branicevska st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/2446-431, 063/8505-187

4/ 5stars

We make our own sausages following an old, secret recipe of the Slavic family Rusmir. No additives, e-numbers, healthy and crooked, the only right way we know. We also have oven-baked potato, ham, smoked sausages, jaeger. So that you don’t get bored of us, we also serve pork ribs, pork chops and steak (when we feel like it). We’ve started to make the name Rusmir known in Zemun a well, thanks to one small establishment in the corner of the marketplace.

Now in the heart of Vracar, you can also find the same treats: unforgettable food and the same old crew who love!!

Just so we don’t forget – we don’t have WiFi and we’re very proud of that.