Retail and wholesale trade Belgrade

Address: 11 Toplicin venac st.
Belgrade Phone: 011/2026-200, 2026-260, 2026-262, 2026-263

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The company BID PRODUKT is located in Belgrade, in Toplicin venac 11. Our main activity is trade, that is, export and import of chemical products, machines and equipment intended for professional hygiene maintenance and machines for communal services. BID PRODUKT has in its sales line following products: - top chemical supplies for hygiene needs - best disinfection products - vacuum cleaners and washing machines for all purposes - machines for communal services - single use protection clothing - rags, mops, abrasives and all modern manual cleaning equipment - all kinds of dozers - paper fancy goods - doormats for frequent places etc. BID PRODUKT is the exclusive distributor for the German company DR SCHNELL which makes chemical products intended for professional hygiene maintenance and the authorized distributor for the following companies: 3M (USA), Tarmann Chemie (Austria), Premiere Products (Great Britain), Cleanfix (Switzerland), Ghibli (Italy), Vermop (Holland), Jofel (Spain), Perla (Italy), Paloma (Slovenia). Visit us on our address: Toplicin venac 11, Belgrade or call us: 011/20 26 200, 20 26 260, 20 26 262, 20 26 263.