Schools and high schools Belgrade

Address: 6 Decanska st (Mose Pijade 6), post. fah 688, Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/3245-382, fax: 3245-383
E-mail: arhimed1@eunet.r

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Popularization of mathematics and computer science (quizzes, shows, open competitions, popular lectures) - Mathematic and computer science schools (permanent, summer and winter) - Mathematic tournaments (team championships for elementary schools and high schools in mathematics etc.) - Expert teacher gatherings (mathematic platforms and other seminars) - Specialized library (mathematics, computer science) - Publishing activity (literature for students and teachers). YOUNG MATHEMATICIANS WINTER SCHOOLS ON TARA (every year in January during the winter holidays) YOUNG MATHEMATICIANS SUMMER SCHOOL ON TARA AND ON SREBRNO JEZERO (every year in July during the summer brake) SPECIALIZED WINTER SEMINAR FOR MATHEMATICS TEACHERS (in January during the winter brake) DIFFERENT THEME SEMINARS (in agreement with different schools). More details on the web site