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Cosmetician/aesthetician training at the Beauty Glamour school lasts for two semesters. Students can enlist throughout the year and education begins in October next year.

The program includes training in face and body care using the latest methods. During training our students pass through theoretical and practice segments of training, following all the latest world developments in applying products and techniques. During practical education we use various products from global brands to provide our students a broad understanding of them. 

Also during their education the students will be trained using the latest technologies such as Ultrasound Therapy, Crystal and Ultrasound cavitation, Ultrasound body lifting, Radio Wave body lifting, facial mesotherapy and so on. Beauty Glamour practices over 20 manual facial treatments during the practical part of the education as well as working with derma rollers, treating Alopecia, manicure, pedicure, waxing, relax massage, Ayurveda massage and more. 

After their training is completed the students pass their final exam in theory and practice in front of a committee. After that they are certified to work independently. Upon completing their final exams the institute will issue a Cosmetician/Aesthetician certificate in English and Serbian. 

Beauty Glamour organizes short courses as well if the students need them. 

Facial treatments:
- Quantum diagnostics
- Skin diagnostics and analysis
- Sensitive and delicate skin (cuperose, eczema, eritrema, dermatitis…)
- Collagen treatments for the eye zone
- Intensive skin oxygenising
- Reconstructing mimic and deep wrinkles - BOTOX effect
- Regenerative treatment
- Treatment to tone the skin
- Multivitamins A, C and E
- Cryolift
- Jade treatment
- Microdermabrasion
- Chemical peeling (glycol, almond, saline, retinol, TCA, fitopeeling…)
- Base perfection
- Caviar treatment
- Talaso (deep algae-based hydration)
- Bipolar radio wave lifting
- No needle mesotherapy method
- Ultrasound therapy
- Collagen-hyaluronic treatment
- Acne removal treatments

Facial corrective methods
- Biostimulation using growth factors
- Fillers - wrinkle filling
- Lip enlargement and corrective therapy
- Needle mesotherapy
- Dermoroller (removing acne scars)
- Dermapen (removing acne scars)

Body treatments:
- Cavitation + radio wave lifting
-Relax massage
- Meso cellulite
- Lipolysis


Shorter courses in July:
07.07. Cosmetician/aesthetician beginner training levels (2months)
14.07. Anti-aging program (2months)
21.07. Treating acne and problematic skin (3months)

Sign up on time - spots are limited!

Information and signup: 

+381 113035560

+381 641801014 (Viber, WhatsApp)

Cosmetician/aesthetician BASIC level training 
- Managing documentation for a cosmetic salon
- Starting a record for the client
- Introduction to cosmetic brands
- Skin cleaning products
- Peelings and masks
- Treatments by skin type
- Ap makeup
- Skin examination
- Skin type determination
- Skin diseases
- Skin structure and function
- Disorders and smaller irregularities
- Comedo expression
-  Darsonval
- European massage (face, neck, shoulder, arms)
- Eyebrow shaping
- Home care for clients

Upon passing the final exam the students are issued a certificate. 

Training: ANTI-AGING
- Skin physiology
- Skin aging - chronological and photonic aging
- Biorevitalization - complex processes
- Prevention, proper care
- Manual treatments 4, European massage
- Mesotherapy modern cocktails
- Roller
- Dermapen
- Anti-age chemical peelings (7 types)
- Home care for the client.

Upon passing the final exam the students are issued a certificate

TRAINING: Treating acne, problematic skin and scar tissue
- Skin disorders that require treatments
- Skin diagnostics
- Skin acne causes
- Types, kinds and changes in acne
- Preventive measures
- Comedo expression
- Darsonval
- Hormone influences on the skin
- Therapy and treatments
- Chemical peeling - application and effects (10 kinds)
- Roller + chemical peeling
- Dermapen + chemical peeling

Upon completing the final exam the students are issued a certificate.