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Belgrade Phone: 065/56-22-991
E-mail: kobazz_shop@hotmail.com
Website: www.kobazz.com

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Kobazz Skateboard Club is a sport, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and spreading mainly skateboarding and other extreme sports. Kobazz was established in 2004 with the aim of connecting fans of skateboarding in the wider area of the Republic of Serbia, as well as creating better conditions for dealing with this, as of yet unknown sport. The club is solely oriented towards younger generations who increasingly choose this type of sport.

The association makes the population of 5-40 years on average. Through its seven-year operation, the club raise a lot of (construction of the first real skate park in Belgrade near USCE) and the number of events for the skate population (3-5 competitions and events per year) and thus is linked with many clubs and other organizations of similar character to national level and beyond ( BiH, CRO, SLO, MK, CG ). club's main activities are: - Planning and development work skateboard sports - Organization of training for the most advanced members for better results in competitions, - Basic and advanced training, ie. school skate - Developing cooperation with similar organizations in Serbia and beyond, - Maintenance of various actions by which informs the public of the work and dedication of its members, - Recording and photographing for various television commercials and iternet ...

Skateboarding season is well underway as the school skateboarding to be held in the skate park, in front of the Hyatt Hotel, and even in your street if you are unable to attend.

All you need is to call us at this number 064 2269296 and to schedule your class with the most experienced skaters of Serbia. But before you do, check out our Kobazz Shops in person or on the Internet, in order to equip your best and highest quality skateboard equipment that Belgrade has to offer skaters.