Souveniers Belgrade

Address: 13 Dragoslava Jovanovica st., Beograd Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: +381 11 40 75 436

4.5/ 5stars

Our authentic and original Serbian-brand shop “Otadzbina” is located in the center of Belgrade at number 13 Dragoslav Jovanovic street.

Our brand “Otadzbina” was founded in 2008 as an authentic Serbian brand fueled by the desire to affirm the idea that encompasses Serbian tradition, patriotism and history of our ancestors. Our products include t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, scarves etc. as well as a large selection of pants and shorts.

In adidtion to our in-store offer, you can find us on Facebook and our website which we regularly update.

Also in addition to direct sales in our store, we also send out deliveries throughout Serbia and the rest of the world. Orders can be placed by phone (011/6301-290) or directly on our websites.

Phone: 011/6301-290

We ship all over the world! We accept worldwide and online payments on Delivery | MODS 69 Отаџбина - Majice Otadzbina - MODS69 Beograd, Srbija, Majice - Dukserice - Jakne | Navijacke majice, nacionalne,