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Address: 105 Cara Dusana st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/3162-925, 6305-990

4.5/ 5stars


CITY CODE is located in the very center of Belgrade, at 26 Dobracina street, near the Knez Mihailova pedestrian zone, Kalemegdan fort, the famous Strahinjica Bana street, Republic Square and the old Bohemian quarter, Skadarlija. The convenient location allows for different needs of our customers to be met, whether they are visiting the city as tourists or on business. In City Code our kind and helpful staff will welcome you and make sure your stay is pleasant.

At your disposal in Zemun are the City Code Spa and City Code B&B

We’d like to present to you the unique sports and tourism center City Code located in the peaceful area of Zemun near the bank of Danube and the Nikola Tesla airport, as well as the two major traffic junctures Belgrade-Zagreb (towards western Europe) and Belgrade-Novi Sad (towards northern Europe). The advantage of the object lies in the fact that its equally suited for business as well as sports tourism. Included in the complex between the streets Cara Dusana and Slavonska are two of our objects offering accommodations: City Code Spa and City Code Bed and Breakfast with 26 doubles, two single rooms and one luxury suite. Our ranking is three stars of B&B services. The rooms are all air-conditioned and contain a flat screen TV with cable access, separate bathrooms with showers and free Wi-Fi internet.

The center was constructed following the examples of the world’s largest Wellness centers and so the City Code Spa is the ideal place to relax and have fun, where everyone can find something for them.

Included in the complex’s services the guests can enjoy our modern Spa center which offers:

-          A swimming pool

In our relaxing spa area you can enjoy our swimming pool filled with warm saltwater.

-          Finnish sauna

Ideal for rest and relaxation. Abachi wood  was used to construct the sauna, imported straight from the Ivory Coast and well known for its isolation capabilities. It does not heat up or absorb moisture so it can be sat or lied on since it does not contain sap. The temperature of the sauna can reach up to 110 degrees Celsius with the relative air humidity of 5-15%. After using the sauna a cold shower starting at the feet and then going up is recommended since it stimulates the immune system and protects from cold, not to mention it is beneficial to the heart and bloodstream.

-          Steam bath
Recommended for anyone seeking relaxation and a brief escape from their everyday routine. The warm steam treatment stimulates your blood flow and relaxes the body’s muscles. The steam bath can be used apart from our other contents or in combination with the hydraulic massage pool. It is ideal for anyone suffering problems with wrinkles, cellulite or rheumatism.

-          Hydraulic massage pool

If you are exhausted from working hard and would like to relax and relieve stress, we recommend our hydraulic massage pool. It is equipped with water slopes and underwater massaging jets and reflectors which refresh the water constantly allowing for full enjoyment.

-          Massage

We also offer massages for our guests to relieve their tension and stress, or to remove aches and reduce cellulite. A massage will influence your entire being both physically and mentally. All you need to do is pick which type you would like and then let our expert therapists handle the rest.

-          Bio-sauna

The wood used to construct the bio-sauna is Finnish spruce which is characterized by its pleasant smell, thick and healthy rings and an extremely low sap percentage. The bio-sauna is famous for its aromatherapy properties which mostly consists of herbal therapy and involves breathing in vapors from sea salt, ether oils and beneficial herbs.

-          Hair salons

-          Cosmetics salons

-          Pedicures and manicures

Waiting for you in City Code is our kind and helpful team who will do everything to make sure your stay is pleasant.

Near the abovementioned objects are also two sports halls which offer top conditions for any sporting activities, athlete preparations as well as recreation. The complex is suitable for team-building activities and we are also preparing a conference hall which will be able to seat 50-60 members.

The “Vizura” sporting society consists of a basketball club, volleyball club and a swimming club. A total of 1000 members – boys and girls – compete under these clubs’ banners in all age groups. The senior basketball and volleyball teams are in the top of our Serbia’s national professional leagues. The “Vizura” sporting society has received Zemun’s prestigious award for exceptional contribution to sport development in 2012.

Regarding Vizura’s sporting hall, it is a professional hall which can seat about 1000 people with all additional content included. Currently training here is the Mega Vizura basketball team who is participating in the ABA league. Next to the main hall there is the “Little Vizura” hall used for practices and games for younger categories, as well as a gym fully equipped by the latest standards. It spreads over an area of 120 square meters and is fully furnished with only the latest in professional and recreational exercise machines. The physical therapy and rehabilitation medical center with cutting edge equipment is also located here.

You are welcome in our oasis of peace.