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Address: 11 Cika Ljubina st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 063/308-300

4.5/ 5stars


Near Republic Square the beer pub Cigla bar has opened. The name of our establishment comes from our design trademark. The pub spreads on two levels: the base where the bar is located and below street level where there is more room to sit.

Apart from the interior we have a nine table garden. In our offer we have nine kinds of poured beer among which german brands Erdinger and Leikeim.

We also offer twenty brands of bottled beers.

The guests can choose from a modest foor menu, characteristic for beer pubs. We offer chicken wings, bacon, German and local sausages and marinated ribs.

As for desserts, we offer cherry and apple pies.

Our morning guests can order our breakfast specials: omelett, french toast, musli or kacamak.