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The shape of the foot for all people is significantly different. Manufacturers of rollers in its range of products always create several molds with different dimensions.
Very often we choose Roller according to our requirements and driving problem appears:

All sporting equipment taping - fixate the ankle (inline skates, ice skates ski boots ......) shall be marked with a number that is medical. in centimeters foot length 25.0cm ..... 25,5cm 30,0cm.
Rollers must be strongly fixed leg without pressure on the joints.
Very comfortable Roller is a sure sign that you are on your feet a big rollers.
Heel is a sure indication - ufiksirana heel and not lifted up - that's it.
Heel has in fact control the rollers. Selection must be precise.

Sometimes it is possible to do a little renovating of the armor if your roller puts uncomfortable pressure on your joints and even real early when driving, especially urban skates.
Perform special templates and using professional hair with hot air can expand without damaging the place pressure on the shell.
This operation is successfully working in our service for years.

Very often the question arises whether it is possible to install wheels of larger rollers although the manufacturer has limited the size of the installation.

It is possible to install the extent to comply with certain rules:

1.Thickness of the plastic dione must have a min-5mm thickness.
2.Distance between the axles must be 2mm larger than the diameter of the wheel.

Special tool as shown is necessary to dig into the recess under the sharp edges in second spot.
Engrave max-3mm and ensure that the edges have notches.

Assemble the correct wheel bearings and speacere-spacers.
Fit the wheels and check their versatility.
Incorrect folding will lead to damage and wheel them to stick.
This is not a simple procedure, we recommend that this still indulge our service.
When buying wheels for roller-skating with us, provided you and free installation in our service so that this width is available for free in how it can be done.

Safe Stop can only provide proper brake.
Change the time patron of the brake, to prevent damage to the carrier.

Important note:
you are installing the brake must be exclusively intended for your model.
Improvisation does not come to mind. Recreational skates and inline skates for children must have a brake. Sales of spare part has to be an expert.

To avoid discomfort, check with the vendors if there is a spare brake and buy a case.
If you do not have the sales, you better give up the purchase of the roller of this class in order not to discard your Roller when you spend brake rollers.
For brands FILA, K2, ROLLERBLADE, POWERSLIDE, there are always spare parts for roller-skating and supplies.
The procedure for replacing the brake rollers was shown on film.
Protective equipment is required.

Any incorrect assembly can lead to damage, which is manifested at low speed, wheel wear and unsafe driving.
It is possible that no reason wheels blocked and cause a fall.

This can be avoided only in this way:
- Shopping rollers trusted manufacturers.
- Purchase wheels trusted manufacturers.
- Shopping beds trusted manufacturers.

Like many products in the world and spare parts for inline skating suffer falsification ie. Plagiarism low price and poor quality disgusting, especially bearings.
Do not think if you bought a bearing (bearing) of 500-800 pounds that you have done well and still carry the label ABEC bearings.
Consider, though they bundled has 16 pieces.

By purchasing the wheels that have stood in warehouses for several years also say the wrong math, rapidly crumbling.
As a long-time technicians and sellers, we take care that these services are at the professional level, because playing roller skating is not already an official sport that carries a great deal of risk of injury.

CHANGING PLACES wheels on rollerblades

Improve technique and learn how to drive properly, your wheels will last longer.

Rotation significantly prolongs excavators and hold constant ride comfort.

Join the drivers that are changing the wheel as much as 3 - 4 years
Economic calculation is profitable in many ways.

All roller skaters have a different style of skating, some more shifts focus back to (incorrectly) or forward (right).

Style and driving style depends on the rate of removal of the wheels, too many roller skaters are used to slow down or so-called anchoring. T - BRAKING.

Grinding the inside of the wheel inline skating significantly reduces their age.
Rotate the wheel as often prolong their lifespan.

In the case of the picture, you can do this operation themselves.
In the absence of tools or expertise bring your rollerblades in our service.