Take away meal Belgrade

Address: 107 Marsala Tita st. (at Dunava), Visnjica
Belgrade Phone: 011/2994-176

4/ 5stars

Restaurant "NA KRAJU SVETA" is a place where you can enjoy the beautiful garden, an oasis of peace you'll find near the center, on the banks of the Danube. Connoisseurs know that in the kitchen in our restaurant they can always find traditional Serbian cuisine, superb seafood chowder and fresh fish that you always choose their own from our aquarium.
With the right selection of quality wines from a very rich wine list, you will enjoy the pleasant surroundings with excellent service of experienced chefs. Stuck place in Belgrade with the most beautiful view of the Danube. Restaurant which, once you find it, you'll be coming back to ... It's enough to just think, and you're there: NA KRAJU SVETA (At the end of the world)