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My name is Nedeljko Zindovic . My friends call me Nelle . It's a little funny when I say tattoo studio '' Sour '' . The studio is named after my late brother who was called Pickles . Here for many years bears this characteristic name , family name ! I'm very proud of it.

To begin with I want to write about how my adventure into the world of tattoo started , first of all I want to thank all the fellow tattoo artists for what they do.

My father started a story called '' art '' Sour back in 1965, before his departure to the army. At the time, tattooing was not an honorable craft. It was a drill and needle , sewing and so on. A father is the first tattoo done in the JNA , which was a modest beginning of our family draw . I started to paint icons and portraits , and I ended up painting with Prof. Zoran turkey. Then, ten years ago I painted with henna , spending a lot of time in the company of tattoo artists who transmitted their knowledge to me. I understand that this is a very lucrative business and I was especially attracted to the responsibility of being . In all that time I have seen that would have to go in life , the path of tattoo artists . And so, little by little, step by step , I started to seriously work tattoos. I learned on an artificial skin that I mastered it . The first tattoo machine tattoo by myself , and to this day is a technique many went forward , and I keep up with her. And in my current kits have replaced the reel -made high- quality professional machines. I started doing tattoos in 1992 while learning tattoo artists Bozidar Lazic from Rome with my godmother Dejan . Professionally deal tattooing since 1995. And my first tattoo I had done to myself, when I was seventeen. This is actually the beginning of the story .

Tattooing see it as a reflection of personal opinion and I think it 's important that every tattoo has a meaning that is not marked as the current fashion trend. I love it when someone comes along and knows what he wants to do and that the tattoo has meaning to the person. It gives me pleasure and influences unique work . It also fills me up when a customer comes into a dilemma and I help him make the right decision.

About sterilization .

First of all must be sterile and clean at all times. In every work of piercing or tattoo, a new sterile needle is open to customers and shows like all the sterilized tools. This is a very important step in the world of tattooing not only for hygienic reasons, but also because of the trust that is created by that process between tattoo artists and customers. For each master is important that people trust him and that he is worthy of their trust .